Ashburner Francis

Event Co-ordinator

Everett Property Development Management

Images by

Curdin Photography

A room filled with 49% new faces, 37% of attendees being females are just some of the facts from the evening!
We’re so glad to have shared our end of financial year with a room full of inspiring people in the property industry.
Ashburner Francis were an incredible sponsor for the evening, you’re support is greatly appreciated!
The topic from the night was GOALS – so here we share our goal for PROPERTY FEED:
– Our goal is to bring an event to the public where it is a comfortable and relaxed environment for both the women and male professionals of the industry, not only that we want to be able to share new ideas, our experiences and connect you with people who can help you achieve your goals.
A continued thank you to our regulars who attend our events each and every month and to all of you new attendees, you’re a reason why we love putting on these events!